Precision Ag

FarmSight from TAG, is an integrated support programe, managed through an individual menu that can include technologies such as GreenStar, JD Link, PowerGard, Machine Optimisation, Precision Farming, RTK and Maintenance, depending on the needs of your business. Getting the best from your advanced John Deere technology requires thorough operator knowledge, training and real-time support. Linking field and machine data to the office portal enables benefits such as effective decision-making by management, real-time feedback of machine performance, servicing interval monitoring and accurate crop analysis, to name but a few.


FarmSight Precision Farming

Within the range of GreenStar products, a tailored support package can help your business extract usable field data, construct reports, monitor machine settings, create interactive management records and analyse historical crop data. This provides access to an intelligent crop husbandry management process that enhances future planning and decision-making.