With farming roots that can be traced back to the late 1800s, the Tallis Amos Group (TAG) is one of the largest and most widely respected John Deere dealerships in the UK. Farming is our heritage, and even today, practical farming is a part of our culture. But it's not just the company history that carries this flame for our industry, it's our people. Most of our staff have stemmed from local farming families, or have been to agricultural college and have a deep passion for the business and what it stands for. One can very safely say that at TAG, we truly have mud on our boots!

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TAG stands for quality. Quality of product and after-sales-service, where our main franchise is John Deere, the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world. Some would say that John Deere is the most advanced in its field and has the most durable and reliable product on the market. That is probably true, and mainly because it's all about people. Highly qualified, experienced and technically adept people with an extensive background in our industry, who research, design, test and build the product; people who market and provide after-sales service for the product; and you our customers who use the product to grow our food.

Quality is not just about our main franchise, in addition to John Deere products we also supply and support a very select range of agricultural machinery that has been chosen carefully and represents the best in their class. Why have we been so selective in our franchise spread? Quite simply because our customers demand the best quality farm machinery and the best quality after-sales-service. In evaluating and choosing a superior product to start with, then reliability and performance levels are often significantly higher than the competition. Back this up with TAG after-sales-service and you get the best, most cost-effective machine ownership for your business.


At TAG, you can be sure to find the right machinery, the right service and the right back-up to meet the needs of your business. Please feel free to come and talk with us about your agricultural machinery requirements, we are always here to help.