Lawn & Garden

Buying a new lawn mower for your garden can be something of a challenge, because they all look good on the boxes stacked high in the superstore, but it's something of a gamble unless you know the product and it's capabilities. At TAG, we have a specialist sales team who know the product inside out, can recommend which model will best suit your requirements and, will come and install it for you. Before the mower leaves our store, we will have it fully assembled and set-up, ready to go. We can also give you all the tips on how to cut around shrubs and borders and it matters not if you have a small garden or large estate, there's a high performance John Deere mower, made just for you.

We have our own on-site Parts department that can supply any consumbales or wearing parts for your specific machine, because we keep that machine's details on our records and hold replacement stock in our store. At the end of the season, we can also provide a winter check service for you, so your mower can be put away fully protected over the winter, with sharp blades, greased and engine check, ready to start cutting a beautiful lawn next Spring.

Your investment doesn't have to cost any more than the prices you see in the superstores. However, what's more important is that you have the right machine for you and, you can talk to any of our friendly staff who can walk you through making the right decision. At TAG, it's all about personal service and you get more for your money.