When it comes to rotary and flail mowing, the industry leading Trimax range of Wide-Area Mowers has to be top of your shopping list. The range has been developed especially for commercial applications such as Municipals, Local Authorities, Councils, Schools and Golf Courses.
Suitable for small compact tractors and upwards, Trimax mowers require minimal maintenance, are manufactured from high quality materials and have a reputation for longevity. Most machines come with a three-year warranty plan which is proof indeed that the manufacturer has total faith in the quality of materials used, the design and quality of manufacture. It's true that at TAG, we rarely find any maintenance or setting issues with any of the TRIMAX product range. Included in the protfolio are commercial lawn mowers, turf and sod mowers, flail mulchers and golf mowing equipment.
All their professional mowers are equipped with a unique flail design called LazerBladeTM which not only provides excellent cutting properties but also creates a very fine spread of clippings for mulching purposes.

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