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A British manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment and seen in some of the most prestigious landscapes, both in this country and around the world. Reflecting the very highest technological manufacturing processes, SISIS equipment has a reputation for durability, very long-life and highly effective performance. With over 80 years of manufacturing history, SISIS is renowned for their ranges of specialist tractor-mounted and pedestrianised maintenance equipment that is suitable for natural and synthetic playing surfaces. A wide range of pedestrianised scarifiers, rakes and slitters are used throughout the world and carry many customer testimonials regarding their effectiveness and durability. Couple this with tractor-mounted scarifiers, brushes, fertiliser spreaders and seeders and you have the widest choice of anyone on the market.

It's worth noting that the SISIS Quadraplay, enables a single-pass, multi-function conditiioning process that cuts time, reduces the number of passes and minimises fuel costs. It seems that once a customer invests in a piece of SISIS equipment, they never want to let it go!

At TAG, we can provide demonstration equipment to use at your own facility so you can try it and see. We also provide full after-sales back-up from servicing, maintenance, repair and replacement parts or consumables.

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Franchise - Sisis
Franchise - Sisis