Contractor’s decision based on proven performance and residual value

After having had nine years of good use out of his Major 2400 gallon slurry tanker, Aled Jones’ contracting business, which operates from his base in Llangynin, St. Clears, Carmarthenshire, has decided to upgrade to a larger model Major to handle the growing demands of his customer base. The new Major 2800 gallon LGP slurry tanker comes with autofill, a splash plate and rain-gun attachment, but Aled has also specified it with mountings for a dribble-bar attachment, something which will be arriving later in the year. 

“I’m working on several contracts for dairy and beef farmers within a radius of about twenty miles from home, “commented Aled Jones, “applying animal slurries to both grassland and arable stubbles. In the past, the splash plate has worked very well and will continue to be used for those customers who prefer it. However, due to the fact that there is a high level of gaseous ammonia losses associated with splash plate spreading, dribble-bars are likely to be more practical and will certainly minimise losses of valuable nutrients. So with my new Major tanker, I can offer my customers both options.“

Aled’s Major 2800 gallon tanker is a Contractor Spec LGP machine with massive BKT 181 tyres to aid floatation and minimise ground pressure. It also has rubber buffers within the drawbar to aid suspension and improve operator comfort while travelling on the road.

“I bought my last Major tanker some nine years ago from Tallis Amos Group at Narberth, it’s done a lot of work and it’s served me very well. These tankers are really heavily manufactured, ideal as a contractor’s machine and even after all this time it’s never let me down and, it also maintained a very high residual value. So, with all that experience and virtually trouble-free performance, I chose to go with a larger Major with extra specifications. TAG have certainly sold a lot of them in this part of the world and they have a great after-sales back-up service that ensures they have any parts that we might need, in case of any issues. What’s important to me is that I need a reliable machine with a reliable service back-up in case I have a problem and TAG fits the bill perfectly. My contracting reputation is built on timeliness and reliability and I need to be on my customer’s farm when I say I will and I can’t afford to use any equipment that’s unreliable.

“Major’s tanker is built on a full-length chassis for long life, comes with internal baffle plates to minimise wave motions when in transport and is fitted with an integrated hydraulic braking system, which works really well behind my John Deere 6150R Tractor. It pulls really well on the road and in the field, even when fully loaded and that’s a very important safety factor when operating around the narrow lanes of West Wales. I had my new tanker painted black, so you won’t fail to recognise me on the road or in the fields around home.”