Machinery Partners


Based in Lincolnshire, Horizon is a British agricultural engineering company who are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative, market leading products focused on soil regeneration. Launched in 2019, Horizon is rapidly expanding and will produce over 100 machines in 2022 which are sold to customers over the world. The current product range includes the market leading DSX no-till disc drill, the impressive SPX strip-till cultivator and the innovative PPX Precision Planter

The Horizon vision begins with the soil and their commitment to the design and manufacture innovative products that promote soil regeneration, whilst also helping farmer to improve productivity, yield and profitability. Our soils are degrading at an alarming rate and Horizon recognise that to sustain our soils, farmers require quality, reliable machinery and components that address agronomic issues and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity. Horizon promise is to imagine, develop and manufacture innovative machines and components that challenge perceptions, improve efficiency, productivity and make a real difference to the environment.

George Sly’s passion for agronomy and his ongoing campaign to promote better soil health through regenerative farming principals, has led him on a journey of discovery and was ultimately the driving force behind him starting his own business in 2006. Sly Agri was built on historical family ties with agricultural equipment and engineering practices. The 300 hectare Sly family farm (in Lincolnshire), is at the heart of the company’s activities, providing the opportunity to conduct vital in-field research, the results of which inform and contribute to the product development process. In 2019 Sly Agri was rebranded as Horizon Agricultural Machinery Ltd, the focus of which, has been the production of innovative agricultural machinery that facilitates regenerative and conservation-friendly farming.