Data from the NFU indicates that since the inception of the Rural Crime Team in Gloucestershire, there has been a marked decrease in rural crimes. “However there is still much to do,” says PC Ashley Weller, Cotswold Rural and Environmental Crime Liaison Officer, Gloucestershire Constabulary. “We were set-up to serve the rural community and to help guard against crime towards wildlife and rural property and we are beginning to make a difference. We’ve been getting a lot of help from our friends at Tallis Amos Group, who are assisting us in our cause, getting the message out to the rural community.

” Helping raise awareness of the Rural Crime Team, TAG has donated a new John Deere 6130R tractor for use as a high-profile promotion that can be driven around the region, bringing much-needed attention to the cause. The tractor has been painted in Police colours and has made a major impact at local events. It was handed over to the Rural Crime Team by Colin McIntyre, TAG Director at the Moreton Show at the beginning of September this year.

“This sponsored donation by TAG has been a great asset to our team in helping us spread the word and raise awareness of our presence in the rural communities, it draws new people in,” added PC Weller, “this tractor has cost neither the Police nor the taxpayer a single penny, it was donated totally for the purpose by the team at Tallis Amos Group. It has helped us significantly in our quest to raise awareness at schools, local amenities and throughout our rural communities. Keep a look-out for the Police tractor in your area - and keep an eye-out for rural crime.” he concluded.