Hedging their bets is the right decision

Wyevale Nurseries in Herefordshire is one of the largest general transplant nurseries in the UK. They grow over 25 species of plants for hedging and forestry, approximately 8 million plants per year, for farms, estates, forestry, landscape sector, local authorities, private landowners and the general public and, have been doing so for the past 20 years. Importantly, their key differentiator is that their extensive range of stock originates from native sourced seed or from home-grown hardwood cuttings.

Ray Jenkins is Wyevale’s Transplants Production Director who has worked with the company for over 32 years and he has just taken delivery of a new John Deere 6110R tractor with a John Deere 623 loader, from the Tallis Amos Group (TAG) to help them achieve their phenomenal output. “We’ve got over 200 acres of transplant nursery“ commented Ray Jenkins, “which consists of one and two year old, field-grown, native shrubs, trees and hedging plants. That’s over fourteen (14) miles of seed beds sown every year from native sourced seed. To make that happen, we need reliable machinery and have had John Deere’s before and always liked their reliability and the service back-up. So we know we are onto a good thing from the start.”

This time, Ray decided that Wyevale would benefit by taking advantage of the John Deere PowerGard programme for extended warranty including full maintenance, because in Ray’s words, “we are focussed on producing plants, not spending time on maintaining machinery. We just leave it to the professionals to take care of the tractors so we can get on with what we do best - grow and market plants.”

So what was the decider in Ray choosing PowerGard extended warranty?

“With PowerGard,” commented Ray, “we have a complete understanding of our annual running costs without any hidden extras. No nasty surprises from an unexpected breakdown. With this information, we can budget precisely for every cost element throughout the year. If we plan what we are going to produce and sell and, know how much it’s going to cost to produce the product, then we can be precise on our financial performance. Plus, it means that the guys at TAG look after the machinery at every stage without our input. TAG have a great team of technicians who really know their stuff and they provide us with excellent and timely service and support. Nothing is too much trouble for them - and one other big factor is, PowerGard is so simple!”

The John Deere performs a wide range of duties on the Wyevale facility from cultivation, planting lifting crops, spraying, moving pallets, bucket work and general duties around the farm. “The John Deere has been extremely reliable for us over the years,” added Ray, “we see the decision to go with PowerGard as a sensible business decision that I would definitely recommend to other users. It’s a business decision that protects the user from the potential of high costs in unexpected breakdowns and the subsequent affect it would have on cash flow. What’s really simple with PowerGard is that the cost can be added into the normal monthly finance budget, so it hardly gets noticed!”

Find out more about PowerGard here - https://www.tallisamosgroup.co.uk/powergard

Wyevale’s John Deere 6110R planting up to 50,000 plants per day.
Wyevale’s John Deere 6110R planting up to 50,000 plants per day.