Stockman's tractor is a big boost to performance

Farming some 700 acres on the Welsh borders in New Radnor, Will Lloyd single-handedly takes care of the entire operation with 1400 ewes and 25 suckler cows and calves. He only brings in temporary labour when he needs it. He might also use contractors for any ploughing or mowing, but most of the land is down to grass for grazing and silage. Farm buildings are tight and restricted and Will has just invested in his first-ever John Deere tractor, the new 6120M fitted with a 603R loader.

“I used to have a Deutz with sloping bonnet for the visibility around the yards, and we also have a Massey and it was time to change out.” commented Will Lloyd. “When I got the quotes for a new Massey and also for a John Deere, they were about the same price. As the John Deere is a step-up, I decided to order a 6120M with a 603R loader from Tallis Amos Group (TAG) in Leominster. It’s turned out to be a great decision.”

Will Lloyd chose the latest John Deere 6120M with sloping bonnet and a Command-Quad transmission. It comes with 120hp, boosted to a maximum 133hp. But what has really impressed Will is the Command Quad transmission.

“We all know how tiring it can be with loader work,” added Will, “especially when muck loading or bale handling, constantly de-clutching and changing from forward to reverse. But, this Command Quad transmission on my new John Deere does away with that problem. The forward and reverse selector is on the joystick, so there’s no need to touch the clutch, just use the brakes, select forward or reverse and the job’s done. I can work at this all day long and not feel tired. The loader has a great lift capacity and both visibility from the driving position, as well as manoeuvrability around our old yards is greatly improved over what we have been using. The quality of build of the John Deere compared with my previous brands is certainly a significant step-up the ladder. As one of our farms is twenty-five miles away we also do a lot of road work. Even with the loader fitted, there’s no sway, it’s very comfortable to drive and you just feel safe.”

Will Lloyd’s tractors clock-up around 500 hours a year and servicing is taken care of by TAG technicians. Added Will, “the TAG team have been very helpful with installation and support of a new product and I’ve found the 6120M to be a real weapon. Its performance is remarkable and it’s a bloody good tractor, and I would recommend this to all the Welsh farmers and stockmen, because it doesn’t cost any more, but it comes with much higher quality and better performance.”