The most advanced grain harvesting technology from front to back is featured in the combines and headers John Deere has introduced for 2018 and will be on demonstration through your local TAG branch. Four new S700 Series rotary combine models – the S770, S780, S785 and S790 – offer producers significant improvements in ‘smart’ technology, operator comfort and data management.

The S700 Series models incorporate the latest in automated harvesting technology. Many of the changes make it easier for the operator by allowing the combine to carry out the necessary adjustments automatically, on the go. To make it easier for operators to maximise the performance of these new combines, John Deere has introduced the next generation of automation, Integrated Combine Adjustment. Also available as an option is the Combine Advisor package, two ActiveVision cameras give the operator a view into the tailings and clean grain elevators via the cab display.

The system constantly analyses this information from the cameras along with the loss sensors to maintain optimal threshing, separating and cleaning performance based on the operator set targets. According to a study conducted by the University of Göttingen in Germany, ICA can improve utilisation of the combine’s built-in capacity by up to 20 per cent. Winner of a DLG Silver Medal award at Agritechnica 2015, the new Active Yield option transforms the accuracy of yield mapping by automatically calibrating the combine’s standard mass flow sensor. This saves time and improves harvesting performance by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual calibrations and double-weighing of trailers and ensures that the most accurate data is collected for more effective precision farming applications.

Three weigh cells inside the grain tank automatically measure the change in weight as the tank fills. The system compares his measurement with those of the mass flow and moisture sensors to calibrate the yield data constantly. It is also designed to compensate for shifting grain when harvesting on slopes or if the combine stops. The yield data is displayed on the GreenStar 4600 display and can be wirelessly transferred to the Operations Centre in MyJohnDeere.com. From here it can be downloaded into the farm management system and used to create a prescription map for the next job to be carried out in the field. In another first for 2018, TAG are running the new John Deere 735D series draper platform complete with flip-over reel tines. This new platform has proven to increase the performance of the S Series combine in in small grains.

This is achieved by ensuring the optimum presentation of the crop to the combine feeder house by means of two converging belts delivering a smooth crop flow. The active HyraFloat suspension system keeps the header at the precise cutting height required, even in undulating ground.

Ask your TAG sales representative for more details.