Fifteen years in business as a reputable agricultural contracting business, RSB Agriculture, is based out of Willersey, near Broadway, Worcestershire. Founded by Richard Beale, the company provides a full range of grassland maintenance and harvesting services, including silage and haymaking - as well as straw baling. Additional services include fodder beet harvesting and fencing.

RSB Agriculture have just taken delivery of their first new John Deere 1534 large square baler which produces bales 120cm x 90cm - with a variable bale length. “There were three basic reasons for going for the John Deere,” commented Richard Beale. “firstly, the 1534 large square baler has a great reputation for reliability and performance. We are baling over thirty-thousand bales a year, so I need both reliability and performance for my customers. Secondly, it’s the dealer back-up! I’ve had many brands over the years and dealt with many dealers, but there’s nothing that quite equals the support and after-sales service I get from TAG and John Deere.

Thirdly, I just wanted to simplify the machinery and servicing support so it works seamlessly without having to have different manufacturers parts for every machine. With John Deere, there is so much that is interchangeable. It also means that my operators can transfer from one machine to the other and use the same technology - it makes a very big difference and helps us to maintain a high-quality edge.” Apart from his new John Deere 1534 large square baler, RSB Agriculture run three John Deere tractors, a 6195R, 6170R and a 6130R and has used all aspects of the TAG customer support package from Sales, Parts, Service and After-Sales.

“I’ve got to know the entire team at TAG since I first started my business,” said Richard “and there is more than a simple personal touch. It’s across the entire team, the same kind of quality support throughout. They have a philosophy of always making sure the customer is happy, and that’s exactly the same value that we run in our own business. So together, we are aiming for exactly the same results, and it works really well,” he concluded