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We offer the full range of Sulky fertiliser spreaders. The range consists of mounted or trailed fertiliser spreaders with a wide range of options.

Available with variable application rate utilising John Deere's section control making for a fully intergrated solution.

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DX20 and DX 20+ Fertiliser Spreaders

  • 9 to 24 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 900 to 2100 litres of fertiliser
  • Quality controlled construction, ISO 9001-certified
  • Long-lasting paine reliability at all times. Equipped with a precise and easy to adjust dosage row by row, Tramline seed drills are at your service in all circumstances.

DX30 and DX30+ Fertiliser Spreaders

  • Section cut-off / Isobus / Automatic weighing
  • 12 to 36 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 1500 to 3000 litres of fertiliser
  • Width setting by feed point on the disc
  • Quality controlled construction, ISO 9001-certified
  • Long-lasting paint

X40+ and X50+ Fertiliser Spreaders

  • Performances to delight even the most demanding
  • Exceptionally regular spreading
  • 12 to 50 m working width
  • Extraordinary site application rate
  • Hopper capacity 1900 to 4000 litres of fertiliser
  • Simplified logistics
  • Simple stress-free adjustment

X40 + ECONOV and X50 + ECONOV Fertiliser Spreaders

  • Gives you peace of mind by automating all risky operations
  • Provides fertiliser savings
  • Guarantees even distribution across the whole plot
  • Eliminates under- and over-applied areas
  • On widths from 18 to 50 metres
  • Up to 4200L

XT100, XT130 and XT160 Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

  • 7200L - 13000L Hopper Capacity 
  • 15m to 50m working width
  • One single machine for several applications: all configurations are available and interchangeable depending on the product to be spread, granulates or other bulk forms, organic pellets, or powder