ATU 300 Steering Kit

The multi-brand, automated steering solution can be fitted to more than 600 different machines, from older John Deere models to alternative brands. The ATU 300 unit can be easily transferred from machine to machine, is simple to install and use as well as being extremely reliable and robust. The ATU 300 enables operation at only 0.5km/h, much slower than other universal systems.


  • John Deere 4240 or 4640 Universal Display
  • AutoTrac Activation
  • AutoTrac Universal Kit
  • StarFire 3000 or 6000 Receiver


  • 0.5 km/h Minimum Speed
  • Quick machine to machine transfer 
  • Reliable & Consistent guidance across mixed fleets
  • All Accuracy levels
  • Reduced soil compaction & passes