Kramer telehandler on a new level

The Kramer telehandlers are also equipped with stage V engines due to the EU exhaust emission regulation. The entire model range (KT276, KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457, KT507, KT557, KT429, KT559) will receive some new features at the same time, which mean increased comfort and an optimal driving experience for operators. See for yourself!

Latest exhaust emission technology with the KT276
The Kramer KT276 telehandler is equipped with a Kohler KDI 2504 engine. A diesel particulate filter is available as standard for the engine update to the EU exhaust emission stage V in addition to the diesel oxidising catalytic converter. Alongside the engine update, the KT276 also has additional features, for example, the new tyre options.


An overview of the innovations

Recess in the cabin floor

Easy cabin entry for comfortable entry and exit due to recess in the cabin floor and the step arrangement designed like stairs for all vehicles with a high cabin.

Stair-like cabin entry

The step arrangement designed like stairs for all vehicles with a high cabin.

Perfect all-round visibility

Optimal all-round visibility to the right side thanks to the optional increase in cabin height by approx. 15 cm (option for KT306 to KT407).

Two cabin heights

(option for KT306 to KT407):

Height 2,49 m*

Height 2,31 m*

*with standard tyres

Diverse tire options for each and every customer's requirements

Newly available: 500 mm wide tyres for the KT306 to KT407; three different Michelin BIBLOAD tyres (460/500/540 mm width) for the KT457 to KT559

Manual crab steering 

Manual crab steering as fourth steering mode for even more flexibility, for example when compacting the silos. When doing this, the rear axle is blocked and the front axle remains freely mobile.

Redesigned FOPS screen (external)

Redesigned FOPS screen (external) for optimal visibility upwards. The longitudinal struts incline in accordance with the operator’s field of visibility outwards (KT306 to KT407 with high cabin, KT457 to KT559 range).

Noise reduction in the cabin

Noise reduction in the cabin to 72 dB(A) for stress-free work and increased levels of concentration.

KT457: more weight, more power

KT457: more weight, more power 

The time-tested and proven telehandler KT447 becomes the KT457. Alongside the payload increase of 100 kg the ecospeedPRO transmission is also available with its combination of maximum pushing power and 40 km/h top speed.

Technical Data KT457:

Payload [kg]: 4.500

Max. stacking height [mm] : 7.000

Engine / stage V: Deutz TCD 3.6

Engine output [kW/hp]:  100 / 136