Tractor Hire UK Expands Fleet

Tractor Hire UK Expands Fleet with Ten New John Deere Tractors

Directors Andrew and John of Tractor Hire UK were delighted to collect ten brand new John Deere tractors from Dan Mallard, Agricultural Sales Manager at TAG Allscott. Accompanied by their chosen charity, Shropshire Rural Support, the duo announced plans to donate the proceeds from the first week's rental of one of their John Deere 6R 155s to support the vital work of the charity. Andrew and John remarked, "In rural areas, mental health often gets overlooked. Shropshire Rural Support provides invaluable support to our community, and we're proud to assist such a crucial local charity."

Currently with a fleet including 68 John Deere tractors, alongside ancillary equipment like trailers, fuel bowsers, telehandlers, hedgecutters, toppers, muck spreaders, slurry tankers and subsoilers, Tractor Hire UK prioritises customer feedback in tailoring their offerings to meet their customers evolving needs. "Our selection of tractors is geared towards fulfilling our customers' future requirements," Andrew explained. "The high demand for these versatile tractors among our customers underscores their suitability for a wide range of agricultural and construction tasks, thanks to their ease of use.”

These ten newly acquired tractors will be working during the potato planting season and will then go on to support grain harvest operations during the summer months.

“The positive experience, along with exceptional sales, service, and parts support, has certainly bolstered confidence in Tractor Hire UK’s business relationship with our local TAG depot. John Deere tractors consistently maintain their residual value and are highly reliable," noted John. "Their optimal uptime performance enhances our business operations, making them a cornerstone of our fleet."

Tractor Hire UK’s acquisition of ten new John Deere tractors and with their support to Shropshire Rural Support exemplify its commitment to customer satisfaction and community welfare. With a focus on reliability, versatility, and social responsibility, the company is poised for continued success while making a positive impact on both its customers and the wider community.